Why Should Creatives Be Appreciated?

July 4 / JN Design Studio
JN Design Studio Blog Appreciate Creatives

Think about the difficulty of communicating your business, thoughts, ideas, without a visual stimuli. Convincing someone to purchase, believe you can or did something without a picture. Not a very communicative world or a convincing one.

Studies show that 65% of all people are visual learners. Scientist have proven that our brain interprets what our eyes see. So simply reading content isn’t as effective. Not to mention that a Microsoft study showed that due to smartphones, the attention span of humans have dropped to 8 seconds. So with less than 10 seconds to convince your potential client/customer, the creative is more than necessary.

Creatives, professional creatives, have truly studied the psychology of visual communication. Every layout, illustration, logo, website, anything that is meant for communication goes through a rigorous 112-point inspection (some projects go through more but you get the point). Add the fact that the competition, or the most successful, is utilizing the creative gives you a better perspective of our importance. The Design Management Institute concluded that design-driven businesses have outperformed the S&P by 228% over the past 10 years. Apple, Coca-Cola, Ford, IBM, Starbucks, Procter & Gamble, Walt Disney, and Nike all understand the importance of creatives and you can see the result. Just try and purchase a stock share.

This can also be subjective to the idea of what you should pay for great creative work, and how to generate quantitative value. But just do the latter and see the result. Get a cheaply designed brochure or business card and compare it to a well-designed attractive business card or brochure. See the difference in the conversation between the potential client? I can bet you have to do less selling on the product and/or service.

Your marketing collateral, logo, business card, or anything handed to a potential consumer is your business’s first impression. You may have one shot to gain that sell. Don’t short change yourself by trying to get the cheapest deal on the market. Employ a professional creative with a true passion for quality visual communication. You will think me later!

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