Unbreakable Apparel

Project Description

Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death for people ages 15-24 and 6th for people ages 5-14. Some signs of someone considering suicide are depression, stress, self-doubt, pressure, and other fears while growing up. In order to bring awareness JN Design Studio decided to create a t-shirt campaign and website for both men and woman (females have a higher suicide rate than men). Each shirt has a message tailored to the man and the woman. For men: “When a Person Embraces POWER Thats When They Become UNBREAKABLE.”; For women: “When a Woman Embraces Her POWER That’s When She Becomes UNBREAKABLE.”


JNDS is currently out of stock, but if you would like to continue to spread awareness and purchase a tee please drop a message at studio@jndesignstudio.com

Details (Skills Used)
Creative Direction


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