JNDS is Google Analytics Certified!

November 2 / JN Design Studio
JN Design Studio Google Analytics Certification

First off let me say that I have used Google Analytics to help businesses for years, and I was totally unaware that Google offered a certification for it. The technical name is the Google Analytics Individual Qualification or GAIQ.

Now one might say why get a GAIQ certification?

For starters Google is the biggest and most used tool for searching than any other of it’s kind. 40,000 search queries every second, translating to over 3.5 billion searches per day, and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide.

The Google Analytics tool is also very robust. Most don’t even dig into the depths of the software to understand it’s huge benefit. You can track campaigns, website performance, combine it with FB ad tracking, and also learn which parts of your lead generation funnel is lacking to make that sell conversion. But this just the surface.

Digging a little deeper, you can apply filters to narrow down to the specific type of user you want to track. You can exclude tracking info from certain ip addresses (like if you don’t want your numbers to count employees from your business clicking on your website). Ever wanted to know which marketing channel is performing higher than the other? Why leads are falling off on your step-by-step sell process? How many PDF downloads from email “A” it took before they went to make a purchase at your shopping cart? Where the bulk of your traffic is coming from that actually makes the conversion? Or determine if a page is reaching those set benchmarks?

With the proper implementation plan, website IT setup, property settings, and campaign filters, you can find just about every possible gain and loss in any marketing campaign you choose to create to bring your business more $$$. Not to mention the easy integration of Google Adwords.

Ok I don’t want to sound like I’m promoting for Google or anything, but it’s a great certification to  have. But about the test.

It’s 70 questions, in which you have about 90 minutes to finish with a score of at least 80%. It’s free to take and you will need to simply have a Google account to start. Google also offers various resources and their very own study guide to help you in the process.

Now let me warn you that this isn’t a quick one-day certification. It will be best to actually take time and go through the lessons Google provides if you want to truly understand it. Since the Google Analytics tool is so robust, there is no one way to use it, so you as a service provider have to know the ends and outs of the tool to fully get the most for your clients.

My goal was to actually learn the tool (even though I have the certification, I am still learning) and not just add another line to the resume. I took the time to watch all of the video tutorials. Took the assessments at the end of the units. And repeated until it was second nature. I also took a pad fully of notes, knowing that putting in my own terms would be helpful when taking the exam but truly understanding beyond the test questions. I did the various “final” assessments after each full segment block (4 segments with various units) and then took the test. I would say at least take a week or 2 before attempting the test.

And that’s it! Make sure that your knowledge doesn’t stop with the certification. Keep reading, building, and sharing your knowledge with businesses to help them understand their performance metrics.

If your business needs to understand it’s performance metrics, planning/implementing a true marketing strategy or campaign, and/or just wants to improve their website conversions contact us at JN Design Studio and let us help.

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