Cameron’s Branding

Project Description

Starting from a conversation amongst friends has grew into a branding solution focusing on a restoration business servicing clients throughout the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. With contractors having over 20 years of experience, Cameron’s Home & Commercial Restoration is set out to provide quality customer service and work that exceeds expectations. Resonable prices, healthy client relationships, and professionalism are the key ingredients and what Cameron’s takes pride in providing. Their services include: General Home & Commercial Improvement, Concrete (driveways and stairs), Decks, Flooring, Painting, Drywall, Landscaping, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Siding, and Windows.


JN Design Studio worked closely with Cameron’s CEO and head of restoration to develop their brand, including the creation of an identity/ logo, stationery, a start-up website powered by WordPress, and various other marketing collateral.

Details (Skills Used)
Creative Direction


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