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August 5 / JN Design Studio
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If you are like me, you can’t get enough knowledge. I continuously look for new ways to push my limits and understand new technologies within design, branding, development, business, and anything else that will help me on my path.

In doing this research I have stumbled across very few that I use often. I won’t give you a thorough review of each site but will mention some of the aspects I like and hopefully it will encourage you to give them a try.

But let’s start with the online teaching tools that I use often…

1. Udemy
I started using this site because of its diverse classes and the structure. Its also to start. A simple form with name, email, password and you’re in. The classes are broken up into categories, with bios of each instructor. You can also engage in community conversations within the class once enrolled and view view back. Courses are broken up in chapters with quick and short video instruction. Some courses go as far to offer quizzes after each chapter to ensure you understand the material. The duration of classes range, as well as price. Some are even free. There are often deals that have some of the higher priced courses reduced to $19. One of my faves so far. Mobile app to view courses is available also.

2. Lynda
This is one that started it all in my eyes. Not gonna write a lot about this one, but it’s the most comprehensive out of all that are mentioned. It’s not my first choice and that’s just my preference. It features some of the top industry designers, coders, branding specialists, etc. A large amount of course options and an easy to use mobile app. The courses are mostly video based, but very extensive and free with the membership.

3. Youtube
This trusted tool offers so much value and its free! You can learn just about anything on any subject from a simple search on the subject. Can never go wrong on Youtube.

3. Train Simple
Backed by Adobe, this is your resource to get up to speed on all of Adobe software. As well as web programming languages. Another great tool to check out.

4. Code Academy
A free online coding education that offers an online coding application to work along with the classes in real time. Offers hints, and let’s you know when something is wrong before you go to the next section. Another easy process to begin but the class structure is a little different. Code Academy breaks down its courses by programming language or particular skill/task you want to accomplish. It gives you a brief on the left of the task to accomplish and the right a section to do/view the code. Another great tool with a mobile component in case you want to learn on the go.

5. CreativeLive
Sort of like an online university, you watch live stream of classes being taught to a live audience. It offers a vast amount of course subjects with top industry leaders. The courses are paid, but you can catch some free live streams and previews before purchasing. Another great site worth checking out.

6. Code School
This is a paid service that offers some free intro courses to get started. No built in coding application, but offers a fun way to learn coding. CS created paths to structure their teaching but as a fun visual twist to learning. Each path is a stepping stone to more complex tasks within the coding languages. It makes the learning fun and simple. Definitely worth a look.

7. Other online creative education platforms worth checking out.

I hope this list of courses helps you as much as it does me. Check often to see new and updated courses on the sites mentioned. Also do a little research yourself so you can have your go to tools.

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