5 Top Questions To Ask Yourself Before Choosing A Designer

June 2 / JN Design Studio
JN Design Studio Designer Questions

We are in the time where resources and information are everywhere. A simple Google search for “designers” returns a result of pages of design companies offering similar services. However, not all designers are created equal. And not all designers gel with your business and its personality.

Face it, the age of relationship building and collaboration is now. From the start of your business journey, you want to make sure you are not hiring designers for a one-and-done project. You want to make sure you build a relationship with your designer(s), to ensure all of your visuals are created to your standards, and that your visual communications are cohesive.

Here are my top 5 questions I feel every business, or person, should ask themselves before choosing a designer (in no particular order).

1. Do they have a web portfolio?
Every professional designer should have a web portfolio. There are no excuses. If you are trying to build your brand to stand out and have meaning, you want to make sure they have at least done it for themselves.

2. Is their portfolio worthy of my time?
You have to make sure the work is even on par with the direction you are going with the project. If you are unsure of what you want, the designers work should inspire you. Samples works that inspire, will force you to think of the possibilities of your next project. It will form a connection without a conversation.

3. When searching for their name, do you see any negative press?
The one doesn’t seem to be utilized enough, but you will be surprised what you find through a simple search. Make sure to do a little research of your own about the company before reaching out. Make sure there are no bad reviews on the services they provide. If someone took the time to give a negative review on their experience with a design, chances are you will too.

4. Do I have a budget in mind?
It is key to know what you are willing to spend before contacting the designer for that initial consultation. Even if you don’t have an exact amount, just a general ballpark figure. Since every designer is different, not all design prices are the same either. Above all, don’t short change yourself by trying to find the cheapest designer for the job. Believe that old saying, “Cheap work ain’t good. And good work ain’t cheap”.

5. Do I need someone local, or I have the resources to travel whenever necessary?
A local designer will always be your best bet. Especially for those impromptu meetings, and to simply get that face-to-face introduction to whom you will be working with. For bigger budgets, traveling may not be an issue. But it’s good to understand the type of communication you will need prior to reaching out.

There are tons of questions you can ask yourself. I just wanted to touch on my main 5. When doing your research, it is a good practice to write down your questions before that initial conversation. And once you start your research, your mind will begin to work and develop your own specific set of questions.

Simply use these questions as a starting point and expand the more you conduct your business. Remember there are a ton of designers out there. Do your research and pick the designer(s) that inspire your next project!

If you are looking for design services, JN Design Studio can provide your business with all of your design needs. Contact us to see how you can benefit!

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