5 reasons to leave your corporate design job.

August 27 / JN Design Studio
JN Design Studio 5 reasons to leave corporate job

Stressed out or tired of doing work that you are not passionate about? Here is a list of 5 attributes that will determine when it’s best to leave that corporate grind.

1. No more passion for the work.
We as creatives are only as good as our thoughts and emotions. When the brain gets clouded so does the work. Now sometimes we need to just take a break and clear our heads. Maybe take a mental day or a few days off, listen to some motivation, do some outside projects, or whatever you do to clear your head. But if you keep having to force it, then it’s not worth it.

2. Not enough work to go around.
When you notice the company isn’t giving you enough work, then you may be on your way out. You can express your desire to want to do more or take on new responsibilities (if you want). But if you notice that nothing is changing except your plate is empty, time to fill up somewhere else.

3. Losing design and/or project influence.
If you begin to notice that the decision makers are not listening to your advice or pulling you away from projects that you were involved with, then it may be time to move on. Don’t just jump the first time this happens. Observe the change and try to figure out why. Are they moving you to bigger projects? Does it really need you energy anymore? Have you mentioned your thoughts to the decision makers? Did they listen or care to explain? Make sure you are clear in your thoughts and not assuming.

4. Speaking around you in meetings you usually lead or have a voice in.
You are still getting called into meetings, but no one acknowledges your presence. Or you have to always say something for your voice to be heard. Interject or cut someone off. Then you have no true value and need to look elsewhere.

5. Just simply sick of the atmosphere or just want to leave.
This is where listening to your heart comes in. We all need to survive, but when your heart is elsewhere, then you need to follow it. Don’t EVER settle when you want more. ALWAYS listen to your constant thoughts and feelings. They are the real reason you are here and your true purpose for existence.

Life always throws us curves and places us in uncomfortable positions. But without discomfort, we will never grow. Never be afraid to want or desire more. You only have one life to live, enjoy while you are here. And live it to the fullest!

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