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Home to the design studio of Jason Nickens, JNDS is a full service design studio, located in Frederick, MD, here to facilitate all of your branding, marketing, advertising, print design, web design, and communication needs. The mission is simple – to enhance the visual aesthetic of your business and provide exceptional customer service. We do this by taking advantage of key design and communication principles to facilitate a cohesive brand message, and keeping you involved every step of the way. This is accomplished by utilizing the 3 L's of JNDS' philosophy – Listen, Learn, and Leverage.


Listening is a key part to understanding what you want. JN Design Studio makes it a purpose to take the time necessary to sit with you and listen to your key concerns and objectives. A lot of time is spent on this segment before moving to the next phase. Ensuring that JNDS has a true idea of the task at hand.


Expanding on the classroom phase, JN Design Studio takes time to study notes obtained from discussions with you. This allows JNDS to further expand and comprise questions to strengthen our understanding of your business. There is no moving forward until JNDS absolutely has a clear and definitive view of the project’s end result.


Listening and Learning your business objectives gives JN Design Studio the tools to effectively Leverage strategies to make your project a success. The combination of your needs and expectations, accompanied with JNDS’ industry research, will develop a plan of attack geared to produce accurate and effective results.

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  • "Everything is impossible until someone crazy comes along and makes it possible!"

    CT Fletcher

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  • "There are 3 responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for."

    Milton Glaser

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